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My name is Mahemood and I’m a driver for a rich family in Kolkata. I hope you like my sex story of how I fucked juicy pussy of this hot buxom wife of my boss! I hope you read the previous part – Wife fucked by Muslim driver – Part 5

They were big round and heavy.

I was full nude in front of madam Minu.

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buxom wife fucked by Muslim driverMinu madam was seeing for the first time any man nude other than her husband in her life.

I saw madam’s eye widened in fear by looking at the size of my cock.

She asked with fear ‘how can that go in me?’

I replied ‘by destroying your vagina.’ “aaj ke baad teri ye bur aisi 14 saal ki bachchi ki tarha nehi rahegi, ye kisi rand ki gandi bur banjaegi.”

I saw fear in madam’s eyes.

I stood up and sat at the back of the front seat and asked madam to come forward.

Madam crawled in her knees and sat in front of me in her knees.

Oh its a great feeling to have my own madam, my long dream sex goddess on her knees between my legs.

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Once I was on my knees I heard the clicking of your heels. You walked out from bathroom. The black leather knee high boots, the black stockings attached to the garters of your tight black leather corset. You read about desi sex stories and looked amazing when you walked out into the dining room up to me and just pulled my head into your glistening cunt. You tasted exquisite. I could smell and taste my cum from this morning in your pussy. You pulled my head in deeper and commanded me to lick as you raised your boot onto the dining room chair to give me better access.

“I want you to clean the mess you made inside me this morning,” you demanded.

I furiously lapped at your dripping pussy reading Indian sex stories on Desibahu.com. Cleaning my come from your folds. I couldn’t believe how much was still inside you. I hadn’t seen you in two weeks and deposited a huge load inside of you this morning. The taste was different having been inside you all day mixed with your daily routine. You had told me that I wasn’t allowed to even touch my cock while I was gone and I happily obliged and now I understood why. The musk of your pussy mixed with my cum gave me such a rush.

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